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My name is Brooke Lonergan, I am a birth and postpartum doula trained through DONA and certified by Heart and Hands. I am Rebozo certified and a Lactation Consultant Assistant. I have doula support training with Hypnobabies. My background is in Child Development, communication, organization and operations management. I came to fall in love with birth and the prospect of being a doula through supporting women in my life who courageously ventured into parenthood. Watching them develop, transform and stand in the uncertain world of child bearing and rearing has inspired and shaped my experience of our culture and life.

I think that becoming a parent is one of the most remarkable journeys a human can venture to take. Delving into the sea of choices we find they are rarely black and white. It is in this space that we become parents. You have the opportunity to tune into your senses and discern truths about the choices that lay before you. I believe that equipped with full, informed consent that parents can make the choices that serve their unique needs and desires. While it is important to explore options and learn the realities of what you can expect in your birthing and postpartum time, it is equally important to cultivate trust and listen to the instincts that are innate in all of us. Women are designed to birth both physically and emotionally and are capable of being powerful advocates for themselves.

It is my mission to cultivate that listening, that choice, empowering mothers and partners to feel confident with their choices and their care. I will partner with you so that you can access the information and be clear of the realities and choices that surround the birth culture that we live in today. Together we can create the best possible environment for you and your partner.