Birth Support







Birth-Centered Support

It is my priority that parents feel informed, supported, empowered and confident in their choices surrounding their pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences. The choices presented at these intense & transformational times are often dynamic and complicated. That is ok, we can do hard things. We can make the tough decisions with competent, compassionate support.

I recognize that most women carry the memory of their childbirth with them for the rest of their lives and the treatment of a woman during her birth can run far deeper than any single experience in life, it affects the entire foundation of our culture. It is my priority to protect this memory. 

As a doula it is not in my scope of practice to provide medical advice or perform medical tasks. 

What Birth Support Includes

Each woman, pregnancy and family is unique and therefore my services are intended to serve the distinct needs of my clients. We will discover together how we can best work. We will cover all the topics described below, but we may also venture into other topics ie: self care, nutrition, exercise and any other referrals or resources that I may be able to offer.

A simple description of what you can expect in working with me:

Free 45 minute consultation to discuss what it is you are looking for and if working together seems like a fit.

  • Access to my client resources, which includes current research articles, an introduction on Evidence Based Medicine and how you can create that care with your provider, education materials on pregnancy and birth, videos, a plethora of comfort measure techniques, introduction to the Rebozo as a comfort tool, breastfeeding & lactation resources, evidence regarding standard newborn procedures, and resources & support for the fourth trimester and beyond as you need it. 
  • Unlimited email/phone/text support (24-48 hour response time) throughout our entire engagement. Dedicated 24/7 on-call labor support (from 10 days prior to your EDD) and mobile numbers of my doula back-ups just in case.
  • 2 prenatal consultations to get further acquainted, discuss birth preferences, standard practice in the birth location of your choice, informed consent, collaboration with your care providers, newborn procedures, labor positions for comfort and progress, relaxation tips, and what to do when labor begins. We also cover breastfeeding and postpartum expectations. 
  • Ongoing support in discerning and communicating your preferences with care providers—prior to and throughout your birth experience—to design an informed consent and evidence based care plan for pregnancy and birth.
  • Continuous support during your labor and delivery, including comfort and progress tips, positioning techniques, massage, acupressure, rebozo love, and encouragement and space. 
  • Assistance with your initial breastfeeding, and 1-2 hours of support immediately following the birth.
  • A postpartum visit in the first few weeks of your baby's life to address breastfeeding, postpartum body care, newborn care, debrief your birth, as well as make any referrals necessary. A delicious meal, if you are interested.
  • A second postpartum visit 6-10 weeks out from your babies birth, to check in once again, continue birth debrief and/or resources needed for the fourth trimester. 


The price for my services described above is a flat fee of $1200 with a $600 deposit upon hire and the remaining $600 due by 37 weeks of pregnancy. If you have questions or concerns about pricing please do not hesitate to contact me. I am open to most payment plans and if I am not available to support you I will help you to find someone who is. My first priority in this work is to be a resource. Even If I am not the doula for you, whatever the reason, I will support you in finding that doula if I am able. 
Contact me to set up a consultation or to ask any further questions.