Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support clients that plan to use any pain medication?

Absolutely, I support a clients right to choose the birth preferences that are most suited to her. There are many ways to birth babies these days, and I believe a woman has to choose the path that serves her and her baby best. Together we will explore the benefits and risks of any intervention. We will design a pathway that promotes the safest use of interventions as they may be presented. There are still a few positional options with medicated births that can affect the progress of labor. I find that my clients that choose epidurals occasionally need just as much support as those who choose to go unmedicated.

Do you offer a postpartum follow-up visit?

Yes, sometime in the first 1-3 weeks after your baby has arrived I will come to your home to debrief the birth, offer any suggestions or support I am able to. I can assist with breastfeeding or newborn care and refer you to outside professionals whenever the scope goes beyond my practice. In some circumstances, I am also available for more than one postpartum visit, feel free to ask for the support you need. I meet mothers for coffee all the time to check in and offer a bi-annual reunion for my clients to come and share, connect and give me an abundance of baby loving time.

I also offer postpartum services through packages and by the hour. Please contact me to set up a consultation.

Do you take insurance?

At this time insurance rarely covers doula support. Although, many flex payment plans will reimburse you for doula support. Contact your insurance company for their specific requirements and I will work with you as much as I am able to get the proper coding or information you need to be reimbursed.

What is your birth philosophy?

It is your body, baby, and birthday party, so you should decide how I will support you during labor!  I believe through tuning into our instincts, education, empowerment and support you are capable and called on to make the choices that serve you and your family. Specifically, I support whatever decisions you make and feel are best for your family. My job is to make sure your wishes are honored as much as available and that you have evidence based information to give informed consent at all times. This helps you achieve your goals and heart's desire!

Are you familiar with HypnoBirthing or Hypnobabies?

I am HypnoBabies Certified and I have supported many mothers using other forms of hypnosis during childbirth including Hypnobirthing and HypBirth.

How do you help my partner during labor?

I find often partners benefit equally if not occasionally more from labor support. I’m there to help your partner be the best birth support ever! Having previous experience with the birth process, I can help partners to: recognize what is normal in the process, anticipate your needs and to give them the tools and confidence to stand by your side and support you effectively, while allowing them the space to experience and tend to their own needs through the process. I think there is a lot of pressure for partners to be the “all” providing persons in the birth environment. That is a lot of pressure, to be the co-facilitator with the care providers, the communicator of your previously decided wants AND to anticipate your every need to keep your labor flowing in the most comfortable way possible. I find that with the objective support of a doula your partner has the opportunity to unfold their own emotions and strengths during the birth of their child while seamlessly supporting their most cherished loved one - YOU.

Do you come to my home or the hospital during labor? When do you arrive to support my labor?

I arrive to your home or hospital whenever you need me. I find that after our prenatal appointments, most of my clients are confident in early labor and unfold the early time of the laboring process as a couple.  Usually, phone support in those early hours is sufficient. Then as labor picks up in intensity and pace I am called to join you. However, every birth is unique, every woman's and partner’s needs are unique and anytime you feel you need more support, I am there, whenever that need arises.

Have a question that is not answered here? 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I'd love to help you make the best decision for you and your birth or postpartum care.