Thank you for the beautiful, centering support you provided during our labor. I am so proud of what I accomplished and I know that a lot of that comes from your faith and wisdom. I cannot overstate how grateful I am or how this experience will shape the rest of of my life—some days I know I can do anything.
— Jennifer E.
We loved having Brooke as our doula. We were a little apprehensive to get a doula, not sure we needed one or wanted one more person in the room. However, we were so relieved she was there and felt incredibly supported and encouraged by her. She did a great job at offering support and coping tips we needed. But also giving me space when that is what I needed. Having a doula was so empowering for my husband. He really wanted to be my primary coach and labor partner which he was able to do more fully with Brooke’s guidance. Having a doula present also allowed him the freedom to take a break, or get a snack without feeling guilty for leaving me alone. Having a doula was a fantastic decision and Brooke was a great choice.
— Kelly T.
Prenatally I learned a ton. The support for my husband was outstanding, and being available all hours was comforting.
— Rachel C.
Having Brooke as a part of our birth was amazing! She was very knowledgeable and prepared for our prenatal meetings and I really felt she was genuinely invested in making sure we got as close to our preferred birth experience as possible. During labor, she helped keep me calm and focused with appropriately timed suggestions and motivational support, along with physical strength and stamina to assist Erik with my pain management…she made me feel like a warrior! Brooke was the reason we were able to achieve the fully natural labor and delivery that we planned for. She will always be an integral part of our successful birth story. We are forever indebted to her.
— Summer Q.
When I first found out that we were pregnant I would have probably told you that we wouldn’t need a doula. As the father, I could coach on my own, and having someone else there would be weird. A few months (and three books) later, when Summer had first talked with Brooke, I was more open to the idea, the information that I had gathered from books like ‘The Birth Partner’ was very helpful, but had also scared me a bit, as to the enormity of what was at hand. As time went on, Summer really liked the idea of using Brooke’s services, and so then did I. :) After all, having someone familiar with the process couldn’t be anything but helpful, right? Little did I know how right that thought was. After another book or two and months of Bradley birthing classes, I felt like this would be a long, hard and wonderful event, but we were ready. We were, thanks in large part to Brooke!

When Summer first started going into labor, talking with Brooke helped ease our anxiety, and she answered questions we thought we knew but had started to second guess as the enormity of the situation really started to sink in. Brooke served as that guiding voice, calming and assuring, keeping us focused and in the moment. Once we were at the hospital she offered ideas for labor aids and positions. Most of which I was familiar with through my preparation, but she brought them up sooner than I would have, if I had even remembered them at all during those chaotic moments. She was an extra set of hands for so many different occasions where they we so very much needed and appreciated. I honestly don’t think that we would have followed our birth plan as closely as we did if Brooke wasn’t there with us. She was always cordial with the hospital staff, even when we may not have been. She helped us ask the right questions of the nurses and get the best back from them, especially in the stressful moments. Having Brooke there with us was one of the best choices we made for our birth experience.
— Erik K.